The Fishmonger's Cookbook
Based around practicality and lifestyle, "The Fishmonger's Cookbook" is the essential seafood guide teaching you everything from handy tips for cooking and preparing fish to simple and delicious recipes to feed a family, for a special occasion, or just for one. Learn how to tell what's fresh and what's not, the questions to ask your fishmonger, and which ingredients, prepared and put together simply, can produce the most mouthwatering dishes. (Penguin, 2005) Buy online from Amazon
The Seafood Cafe Cookbook
This book is a collection of recipes that I hope will help inspire and give you confidence when it comes to cooking fish. I will guide you through choosing your fish, what to keep in your store cupboard, how to cook fish perfectly, and show you how versatile fish can be. Having been a fishmonger, I can also pass on a few tips so your knowledge will be well grounded. Over 150 recipes that are simple to cook and which produce fantastic results. (Absolute Press 2001) Buy online from Amazon
The Aga Seafood Cookbook
This is a great fish book for both Aga and non-Aga users. It is rich in advice for buying fish, is filled with authoritative techniques for cooking on the Aga and features over 100 simple, flavourful recipes. (Absolute Press 2005) Buy online from Amazon