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Mitch received an honorary business degree from Plymouth University and is a patron for their hospitality and catering department. It is great to have such positive partnerships in the city and foster new talent.

Lecturer in Hospitality Management and Hotel School Co-Director Mandy Aggett said: “Mitch is a highly valued patron. Students learn a great deal from the time they spend with him – their experience is greatly enhanced by his input. These partnerships are incredibly important as they offer numerous opportunities to support students’ learning, and provide a real-life insight into hospitality operations, as well as the opportunity to engage with industry professionals.

“We are very grateful for all the support that Mitch provides and look forward to further developing our relationship with him and the Rockfish brand.”

Lecturer in Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management Catherine Hine added: “Mitch has provided opportunities and insight into his business for a number of years. Our students really benefit as it helps them to contextualise what they are learning back in the classroom, and see it in a real-life business situation.”