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Fish made the Daily Mail top ten cookbooks
and The Guardian's top food books of the year 2009

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Published: 16 March 2009

Price: £25.00

Publisher: Pavilion Books

An essential companion for anyone passionate about cooking fish.
Fish is today’s star ingredient - a delicious mainstay of café and restaurant menus and prized for its health benefits. We should all be buying, cooking and eating a lot more fish, but which varieties, when and how? Mitch Tonks’ comprehensive and down-to-earth book provides the answers for anyone apprehensive about cooking fish and seafood at home, or confused about depleting fish stocks and sustainability. Combining over 100 simple and utterly delicious recipes with practical advice and fascinating stories from fishing communities, FISH includes: 

•   a species-by-species breakdown of fish and seafood
•   how to buy fish responsibly and what’s in season
•   practical questions to ask your fishmonger
•   invaluable tips on preparation and cooking
•   stunning photography by Chris Terry and illustrations by Richard Bramble

Quotes about "fish"

If you want a book on Fish then there are no two ways about it, this is the book to buy. It’s enormously well researched, a fascinating read and packed with mouth-watering recipes that you’ll want to cook over and over, and if it’s just beautiful photographs you’re after you’ll be well served with Chris Terry’s stunning photography.
Mark Hix

Mitch Tonks is a fish maestro and this book is not only filled with wonderful recipes, but doubles as a first-class work of reference.
Tom Parker-Bowles

This practical cookbook will be lifted from kitchen shelves over and over again.
Mark Tebbutt


Other quotes about Mitch


While Mitch’s food is dazzlingly accomplished, the man himself is more genial host than blustering chef. He’s a friendly guy who wanders out to ask diners how they enjoyed their meal, and often drives them home at the end of the night in the restaurant’s boat, the Pearlfisher. Which is not something you’d get at Claridge’s - no matter how much you pay 
Will Dunn, Delicious Magazine (November 2008)

instead of a happy-go-lucky seaside caff, it feels more like The Ivy by the Sea. The 40-seat interior borders on the sumptuous with its studded mustard leather banquettes, pressed white tablecloths, monogrammed plates and library-shelf wall of wine. The Seahorse is extremely likeable, for its sense of place and for showcasing the produce of land and sea with such single-minded style. I'll certainly be tootling back as soon as I can. 
Terry Durack, The Independent (August 2008) 

He speaks passionately about the produce and his respect for fishermen is obvious. He talks with genuine admiration and affection about them - I’ve met a lot of people who’ve said ‘I love the sea’ but I’ve never met anyone who has said it with more proof or conviction than Mitch Tonks. 
Rory Stormonth Darling, Country Magazine (Summer 2008)

Tonks has ... created a gem of a restaurant. Its location is a great asset. [He] has created a room that will make everyone feel comfortable. 
Nick Lander Financial Times (May 2008) 
... the brave people who open new restaurants, and nurture them, and stick with them, always improving their product. Our Restaurateur of the Year pays tribute to these movers and shakers in the business... and the winner is the inspirational, the visionary, the indefatigable Mitchell Tonks. 
Jeremy Wayne, editor Tatler (January 2006) 

Mitchell Tonks’s FishWorks group has made the phrase ‘restaurant chain’ respectable again. 
Olive Magazine (May 2005) 

The menu is for fish lovers.. The secret of Mr Tonks’ success may have been to start with the premise that fresh fish is a precious commodity, and then to cook those fishes simply and serve them with pride. It seems that his customers are coming round to his point of view. 
Charles Campion, Evening Standard (April 2005) 

The past appears in terms of adding a welcome boost of energy and fortunes to the traditional fishmonger trade, a trade that has almost disappeared from our high streets. The present is represented by the fantastically well thought out menus in the restaurant, where dishes such as salted Cantabrian Sea anchovies, carabineros and hen crab rub shoulders with skate, cockles and fish fingers for the kids. All is beautifully presented and most certainly perfectly cooked. And the future comes in the guise of the cookery schools - an attempt to ensure fish stays firmly on the menu in British restaurants and, of course, homes. 
Judges at the Tio Pepe ITV London Restaurant Awards (April 2005) 

Mitch is one fishmonger with whom it’s a pleasure to strike up a relationship. 
Jill Dupleix, The Times (Mar 2005) 

Mitchell Tonks’ ground-breaking concept, combining fishmonger with fish café and cookery school, has yet to put a foot wrong. 
Terry Durack, Independent on Sunday (Dec 2004) 

Mitchell Tonks... 21st Century Fishmonger. 
The Independent on Sunday (June 2004) 

His book could convert even fish-phobes. 
Press Association (July 2004) 

I beg any of you who feel the same about the tiresome pretension of so much restaurant food to go and have a quasi-religious revelation yourselves... my one regret about giving this restaurant an imperial thumbs-up is that it’s hard enough to get a table there already 
Matthew Norman, Sunday Telegraph Magazine (December 2003) 

Mitchell Tonks has got books, TV shows, cooking schools, and has opened several other branches of FishWorks, the latest one planned for London. And his menus are so mouthwatering, his food so irresistible, I wish he’d open a branch in Paris. 
Jacqueline Friedrich, New York Times (August 2003) 

Seafood lovers will be aware that the Fish! and Livebait restaurants have been here before. But Tonks delivers with a sense of fun, style and comfort that they overlooked. 
Nick Lander, Financial Times Magazine (July 2003)

Mitch ... proved that if you get the fish spankingly fresh and cook it simply then you get the real reward: that heavenly taste of the sea. 
Chandos Elletson, Restaurant Magazine (May 2003) 

London hasn’t seen anything like this since Rick Stein was on our TVs 
Fay Maschler, Evening Standard (April 2003)

FishWorks ... is the nearest thing in the west to noshing in Nantes 
Malcolm Gluck, Telegraph Weekend, (January 2003) 

It’s like being on holiday in fish heaven. It’s fish bliss ... I love this place to bits. 
Jan Moir, Telegraph Weekend, (November 2001)