Cod with Bottarga Butter < Back


We love bottarga. It is the roe of grey mullet that has been salted and dried. We buy soft ones from Greece and harder ones from Sardinia. The flavour is very particular and ranges from being a bit ‘cheesy’ tasting when they are poorly produced to being salty and saline-like, just uncovered by the tide, like rocks with seaweed clinging to them. We use this butter on steak as well, it’s good!

For 4 people

  • 500ml double cream
  • 25g bottarga, or grate in as much as you like
  • 4 thick cod loins, 180g each
  • 1 tablespoon very finely chopped parsley
  • salt for seasoning
  • squeeze of lemon

First make the butter. Put the cream in a food mixer, season it and whip until it separates and you have butter, then pour off the whey and taste the butter; it will be soft and creamy in texture. Next grate in the bottarga until the flavour is as you like it.

Heat a frying pan with a little oil in it, fry the cod flesh side down for 4–5 minutes until golden, then turn over and finish cooking in an oven set to maximum for a further 6 minutes. Place the fish on plates and remove the skin. Melt the butter in a pan, add lemon juice, taste, season then spoon over the fish.